• Deborah Tiusanen: The Unplanned Chapter

    After 27 years of teaching, I looked forward to retirement. About seven years back, we purchased a new home on a small Christmas tree farm. Being very active by nature, I cared for the trees, yard, and large vegetable garden. My husband retired early and cared for our granddaughter while I finished working. She only had one more year to go before kindergarten when I retired.  We had plans to take short trips and I looked forward to doing volunteer work and leisurely caring for my yard more as a hobby. Dreams to start a new chapter in my life were finally starting to happen.

  • Steve Greene: Drawing Strength from the Support of Others

    Steve Greene is a man many would call strong. He’s a successful businessman, devoted husband, dedicated father, accomplished marathoner, and an active member of his community. But when Steve was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer at only 43 years of age, he quickly recognized that his own strength would not be enough to carry him through the coming battle. Instead, Steve says it was the community of support and love that surrounded him that gave him the courage to face his journey with hope.

  • Lance Cassidy: Connecting the Dots

    The sound of gratitude and relief came across the line loud and clear, despite the 200 miles separating Lance Cassidy and PearlPoint Cancer Support's client representative.

    "I was sitting in the parking lot about to lose it but I decided to call y'all first and, boy, am I glad I did," Lance said. Lance had just finished speaking with PearlPoint's oncology social worker who had told him about a vital transportation grant that would be key to Lance’s participation in a clinical trial treatment for small cell lung cancer. 

  • Gary Logston: A Change in Plans

    Gary Logston has always been a planner. When he married his wife Jane in 1985, Gary began setting aside a dollar a day to take her on a surprise trip to Australia for their 20th anniversary. By 2005, Gary had not only saved enough to take Jane to Australia, but also to bring their two kids with them to celebrate.

  • Marsha Morley: Paying it Forward

    Marsha Morley is no stranger to overcoming health challenges. In her early 30s, she experienced the beginning effects of a congenital defect of her lungs. After several surgeries and hospitalizations, she began the full-time use of an oxygen tank. Despite being burdened with what some might see as a literal “ball and chain,” Marsha continued to live her life to the fullest. Filled with a love for travel, Marsha’s zest for life accompanied her “can-do” attitude. This attitude served as important groundwork for what lay ahead.

  • Charley Williamson: Armed for the Fight

    Charley Williamson is the neighbor out running when you drive down your street, the involved parent coaching your child’s baseball team, the engaging professional in your office you know you can count on. If you met this young, dedicated husband and father of two, accomplished athlete, and successful lawyer today, chances are you’d never guess that just one year ago he entered into the fight of his life.

  • Charlie and Nan Kelley: Co-Survivors, Co-Voices in the Fight Against Cancer

    Because “co” refers to having a mutual or shared interest or to be in partnership, the cancer community now uses the term “co-survivor” to refer to someone who is the backbone of strength for the person facing cancer. Co-survivor took on a dual meaning for Nashville music industry husband and wife team Charlie and Nan Kelley when they were both separately diagnosed with cancer in the same year.