My PearlPoint

My PearlPoint ( is your resource for easy-to understand, reliable information to help create a more confident cancer journey for you, your loved one, or your patients. All the resources on My PearlPoint are easy-to-understand and medically vetted by our Scientific Advisory Team, made up of oncologists and healthcare professionals across the country.

Through our online resource, My PearlPoint, you can:

  • Learn about cancer and its treatment
  • Discover information about clinical trials as a treatment option
  • Get nutrition guidance and tips for managing side effects
  • Find advice and support for living with and beyond cancer
  • Use the Cancer Handbook as your guidebook through treatment and survivorship
  • Create a profile to receive personalized resources, updates, and more

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One-On-One Nutrition Education

In addition to our patient education website, PearlPoint also offers free one-on-one phone and email consultations with our Nutrition Educator. Our Nutrition Educator is a registered dietitian, experienced in oncology nutrition who can assist survivors with healthy eating strategies and side effect management. To schedule a consultation, call (877) 467-1936 or email You can also request a consult using our virtual form and a Client Services Representative will contact you to schedule a consultation. 

If you are a healthcare professional, you can also refer your patients to our services by using this form.

Learn more about our one-on-one nutrition consults by watching this video.

Cancer Side Effects Helper App

The Cancer Side Effects Helper App provides instant access to tips that help minimize common side effects from cancer and its treatment. It is a quick and easy way to find trusted and helpful evidence-based advice, right in the palm of your hand.

Just like our services, the app is FREE! Download it today at iTunes and Google Play.


Do you have a blood cancer diagnosis?

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