CancerSideEffectsAppCancerSideEffectsAppCancer side effects are round-the-clock realities that can impact quality of life during an already challenging time. That's why we created the Cancer Side Effects Helper. This free mobile app offers trusted nutrition guidance and practical tips to help survivors feel better, maintain strength, and speed recovery from common cancer side effects including:

     ▪ Change in Taste and Smell                   ▪ Gas and Bloating
     ▪ Constipation                                          ▪ Lactose Intolerance
     ▪ Diarrhea                                                ▪ Loss of Appetite
     ▪ Difficulty Swallowing                               ▪ Nausea
     ▪ Dry Mouth                                              ▪ Sore Mouth, Throat, and Tongue
     ▪ Fatigue                                                  ▪ Weight Gain
     ▪ Feeling Full Quickly                               ▪ Weight Loss

Select applicable side effects and view quick and easy suggestions from PearlPoint’s oncology registered dietitians. The app also includes access to My PearlPoint for more extensive cancer support including educational articles and videos, clinical trial information, nutrition guidelines, and resources for practical, financial, and emotional questions

The app is free! Download it today at iTunes or at the Google Play store.