• 8/04/2009

    Peter Lee has served as a perennial, enthusiastic volunteer at Hope On Wheels (HOW100) since the event’s inception in 2005.

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  • 4/01/2008

    Dogged determination and a passion for creating soulful art have sustained Deneen Coleman-Ruff through some rough times.

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  • 6/01/2007

    “No one is standing in your way anymore; it is time to move forward.” – Chinese Fortune Cookie

    “What time is it?”

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  • 4/01/2007

    At the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, we are inspired by the courage and heart of those with cancer diagnoses who are undergoing life-altering treatments and struggling to reclaim their lives.

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  • 1/01/2007

    For Marlene Kitsemble of Cowan, Tennessee, hope lies in early access to the drug combination Lapatinib and Capecitabine, recently made available through a study conducted by The Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) and financially supported by The Foundation.  

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  • 6/01/2006

    As the second Hope on Wheels (HOW100) rolls around, last year’s top fundraising team has been working hard to defend their benevolence title.

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  • 4/01/2006

    Cristina Manieri’s gentle, melodic voice belies a well of strength and maturity. At 29, Cristina has been fighting a rare adversary in her tender adulthood that most young women cannot fathom—metastatic breast cancer.

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  • 1/01/2006

    In 2001, little did Roger Bricco know that an afternoon run would evolve into a passion or, more importantly, a mission. Zealous about the sport, Roger trained and ran in the 2004 Country Music Marathon.

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  • 1/01/2004

    I remember my disappointment well--an opportunity in college to write about a difficult life experience resulted in a mediocre "B." No grammatical errors in the paper, only a comment from my beloved professor that she didn't think I had quite \worked through\ the experience to write effectively

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