• Abby Henry
    5 months 2 weeks ago

    Take Care of Your Skin

    As you probably know, cancer treatments can cause unpleasant side effects. Changes to the skin are part of the possible side effects. For patients who receive radiation treatment, the skin at the treatment area may become red, dry, and tender like a sunburn.

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  • Gwen Spector, RN, BSN, COCN, CCP
    9 months 3 weeks ago

    Ten Myths and Facts about Melanoma and Skin Cancer

    The month of May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and Monday May 1st is Melanoma Monday. Melanoma is the least common but most deadly skin cancer. Melanoma incidence rates have been rising for at least 30 years.

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  • Abby Henry
    2 years 6 months ago

    Skin Checks–There's an App for That!

    Summer 2015 is drawing to a close. Time to leave the beach or the pool and head back to school or work. Hopefully, you took good care of your skin this summer and will continue to practice good skin care year round.

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  • Lynette Jones
    3 years 7 months ago

    Young Adults & the Sun: Skin Cancer, Wrinkles and Sunscreen

    As a mother, I honestly don't care much about what it takes to get my young adult daughter to use sunscreen, I just want her to use it. But, apparently, a slightly negative attitude toward sunscreen isn't unusual among teens and young adults.

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