Your Will to Thrive

1 year 3 days ago
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“Did you know that no one is guaranteed tomorrow… Not me, not you, and not a person with cancer. So let’s make the best of today!”

 – Alan Stoller

Receiving a cancer diagnosis may lead one to instantly think that their life has ended. Therefore, they release control of their life and turn over the responsibility of their own recovery to the medical team. There is another way. You can be your own best advocate for your health! Let your medical team know your quality of life objectives. You are the best expert on your life. It is only you who can communicate your will to thrive.

Although there is no direct roadmap to follow, cancer patients should continue living life and creating memories. By developing an attitude to thrive you are saying that not only will you survive, you will continue to flourish during your cancer journey. Using an inspiration journal can be helpful! Make sure to place it in clear view like on your nightstand or desk. Make a promise or covenant to yourself. Frame this and put it on your bathroom door, refrigerator, or nightstand as a reminder of your goals. You can remind yourself of your will to thrive.

Make this small pact with yourself to do the following:

  • Make adjustments to find your “new normal”
  • Practice gratitude
  • Do something you love
  • Embrace your loved ones and allow them to love you
  • Try something new
  • Take a moment to be out in nature and view the vast gift of life renewed every day

Thriving in life in the face of disease takes courageous effort, but you CAN do it!

For more resources to help you thrive during and after cancer treatment, visit My PearlPoint.


Donjurea Daniels, Senior Student in the Lipscomb University Didactic Program in Dietetics

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