Top 10 Questions To Ask in about Nutrition and Cancer in 2017

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It’s a fresh start with the New Year. Make a positive step forward by asking the right questions when you visit your oncology healthcare provider or registered dietitian nutritionist on your cancer journey. Check out these top 10 questions you should ask and click the links to learn more about the topcis!

1.      What foods should I eat?

2.      Are there any foods I need to avoid?

3.      Which nutrition or dietary supplements are the best to use?

  • You can also check out Oncology Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) for more on supplements and cancer.

4.      Should I eat only organic food?

5.      Why is weight loss during treatment not suggested?

6.      Is it ok for me to eat soy?

7.      What should I eat to prevent cancer?

8.      Should I be juicing

9.      Does sugar feed cancer?

  • Here is another good article from Oncology Nutrition from AND for more on sugar and cancer.

10.   Should become a vegan or vegetarian?

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Margaret Martin, RD, MS, LDN