Oncology Navigators Are on Your Team

1 year 1 month ago
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It takes a team to help patients though their cancer journey. Like a football team, your healthcare team is made up of many professionals that contribute their special skills at different points along the way. This collection of healthcare specialists is called a multi-disciplinary team.

An important member of your team is the Oncology Navigator. Navigators are dedicated professionals who will assist you and your family across the span of your journey. The Navigator has many roles on your team including cheerleader, coach, guard, champion, and fan.

1.  Navigators help bolster your confidence and provide emotional support to you and your family.

2.  Navigators help you problem solve, understand treatment guidelines and options, and prepare you for what’s ahead.

3.  Navigators help block and remove obstacles in your path that may prevent you from reaching your goals in a timely manner.

4.  Navigators help rally your team around you and communicate important information to you and the team members. They also connect you to new team members when needed.

5.  Navigators go the distance with you, by your side, through the fumbles, victories, and milestones.

To learn about other members of the cancer healthcare team, go to Meet Your Healthcare Team on My PearlPoint. 

Gwen Spector, RN, BSN, COCN, CCP