Nurses: Going Above and Beyond

6 years 9 months ago
Posted under Cancer Diagnosis

National Oncology Nurses' Week was recently celebrated and I couldn't help but remember the kind and caring nurses who took such good care of my Dad during his treatment for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia some 16 years ago.

With lengthy, inpatient hospital stays ahead of him, my Dad's nurses really extended the extra effort to make a simple hospital room as comfortable and inviting as possible.  

One of my Dad's favorite nurses, Pete, used to talk baseball with my Dad, a welcome distraction from daily blood and platelet infusions.

Probably the memory that is most prominent to me during the time of my Dad's treatment, was his desire to return for a visit (post-remission) with the nursing staff at the hospital where he was treated.  At the time I was 12, and I didn't understand why he wanted to return.  I remember thinking, "Why do you want to go back?/Your cancer free, you don't need this place any more/Can't we just forget you were ever sick?"

But now, I understand completely.  The men and women who made up his nursing care team were not merely "shot givers in scrubs," but rather FRIENDS.

Paige Anderson