HOW100 - Shelley Haynes Heile's Story

7 years 6 months ago
Posted under Cancer Awareness Events

When I participated in my first How100 in September 2007, I was really unsure about myself and whether or not I would be able to finish. Cycling had become such therapy for me but I'd never ridden more than 15 miles. I was really unsure about trying for 29 miles. My Mom's death from colon cancer had left me feeling so angry. When my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer only days after my Mom's death, it was like a nightmare. Cancer is so much more than seeing your loved ones in battle. It's the fear in the voice of your brother, it's the sadness in the eyes of your little boy, it's the not knowing. I can't tell you the feeling of being able to do \Something\ to help even in some tiny way.  I will never forget seeing all that pink and just feeling that beautiful Fall day on the Natchez Trace. When it got tough, I really did look at my ribbon and think of how small my discomfort was compared to someone in a fight with cancer. I was giddy when I finished! I did it!  The looks on my children's faces were priceless. 

I love the Minnie Pearl Foundation and I love this event!  If you can I would LOVE for you to ride too. This is a ride not a race!  If you are able I'd love for you to donate to this fundraiser.  Thanks so much!!


Paige Anderson