HOW Good Things Happen at HOW100 by Bud Curtis

6 years 6 months ago
Posted under Cancer Awareness Events

In 2006, Chuck, JV, Bill and I, as friends, who also ride bikes for fun and exercise, volunteered to host one of the rest stops at the HOW 100.  Since we could not ride in the HOW, we thought that we would participate in some other capacity.  Helping 400 women cyclists in spandex was a great way to spend a Saturday if we could not ride with them.  The Margaritaville Rest Stop was created to provide a great experience to those women who were cycling to defeat breast cancer by providing good food, cold drinks, plenty of shade, a fan cooled seating area, Jimmy Buffet music, fun decorations and a bike valet service.

While helping the riders by attending to their bikes during their time at the rest stop, I was fortunate enough to be holding Lisa Nacarato's Bianchi which she had purchased several months ago.  After being revived from the heat and rested from long, hot miles, she returned to retrieve her bike.  I had intentionally held her bike and I was able to engage her in conversation with, \I see that you have a Bianchi

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