Co-Surviving Cancer

7 years 8 months ago
Posted under Caretakers

In the cancer community, those that care for a cancer patient are considered co-survivors.  Whether it be a husband caring for his wife, or a son caring for his mother, or a friend caring for a friend, the individuals who provide primary care and support for the patient are often just as affected by the diagnosis and ensuing treatment.  Yet unfortunately, their own needs, fears, questions, and concerns are not effectively or adequately addressed by oncology professionals.

It is important for caregivers to remember his or her own needs.  After all, if the caregiver is feeling incomplete and run-down, how can the caregiver wholly offer significant help to the patient?

Fortunately, there are several resources out there for caregivers.  At PearlPoint, we are for you from the moment a cancer diagnosis occurs to help you navigate your loved one’s course of treatment, as well as options to assist you in care giving.  How may we help you today?

Paige Anderson