Celebrate the Small Stuff

7 years 2 weeks ago
Posted under Community Outreach

As we began 2011, I took some time to set some personal and professional goals.  Nothing new there, isn't that what we are supposed to do every January?  I do not know about you, but sometimes the things we want to accomplish seem so HUGE!  Whether it is losing weight or a big project at work, the goal seems completely out of reach.  In my search for inspiration I visited a website, Sparkpeople.com, where there is free advice on healthy living.  You can set up a profile to track your progress, join a community of people fighting the same fight, and share your successes.  Part of the process to set up my profile asked me to set three small goals, little things when summed together could have a great impact over the long journey towards my goal.  What caught my attention was the reminder to celebrate these small successes.

Celebrate: to observe with ceremonies of respect, festivitiy or rejoicing.

Sometimes I forget to celebrate, take the time to observe and rejoice in the accomplishment, even if it is as simple as taking the time to write in a journal, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and share my goals for a healthier lifestyle with someone.  Taking the time to acknowledge these small steps gives you the encouragement to move forward, set the next goal, and feel satisfaction in your journey.  So, what are you going to celebrate?  Send us a comment and we will celebrate with you.

Faith Holley