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7 years 9 months ago
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We at Minnie Pearl are dedicated to offering guidance to adults impacted by cancer.  We continually seek innovative ways to respond directly and compassionately to questions and concerns with encouraging solutions.  As a natural outgrowth of the services we offer the cancer community, this blog is for you - our client, friend, supporter and advocate.

Every day reminds us of the enormous needs of those newly diagnosed with cancer.  We look forward to sharing with each other what is important, inspiring, challenging or valuable to anyone facing a cancer journey and looking for a roadmap for coping with that diagnosis.  Minnie’s Pearls of Wisdom allows all of us, whether survivor, caregiver, cancer professional, volunteer or advocate, to share in the journey together.  Keeping in touch and keeping each other informed about what is near and dear – I invite you to be a part of the conversation!

Approaching Cancer Survivors’ and Father’s Day, it is a gentle reminder how precious and important relationships are with family and friend.  Someone I admire greatly who recently lost a loved one to breast cancer told me: make a promise to keep in touch, no matter what.  I promise!  Will you make that promise too?

Executive Director at Minnie Pearl

Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE