8 Year Old Gives Back to Honor Grandfather's Cancer Battle

5 years 7 months ago
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What can a young 8-year-old boy do to help his 75 year old grandfather fight his battle with cancer? You would think, not much!  But 8-year-old Tyler Speed found a way!  His grandfather, Jerry Frantz, is currently being treated at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, and staying tough and brave through it all.  Jerry was an incredible athlete in his day. He actually played hockey up to his cancer diagnosis a year ago at the age of 74.  There were not too many 74-year-old men on his 40-and-over hockey team, and Tyler thought that was very cool!  Tyler is a lot like his grandfather - an incredible athlete, loves sports and competing.  One thing his grandfather loved to do was triathlons.  That gave Tyler an idea.  He decided he would compete in Chicago's Kids Triathlon and raise money for The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation while he did it. He wanted to give back to an organization that helped so many, like his grandfather, who were impacted by cancer.  He was able to convince two of his buddies from his swim team to join him in this endeavor.  These three 8-year-old athletes (pictured above L to R: Elliot Lyell, Tyler Speed, and Brice Perkerson) will all go to Chicago on August 25 and try their hand at their first ever triathlon. 

The boys are asking for donations to The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation to support their efforts.  We wish these thoughtful young men incredible success in the triathlon and their fund-raising!

Blog post written by Joelle Speed



PearlPoint Staff