Women Over 75 May Benefit From Mammograms But More Research Needed

August 6, 2014

Do women over 75 need regular mammograms? Studies report different findings. In a new study, women over 75 whose breast cancer was found by a mammogram had a better prognosis than women whose cancer was found by their doctor or themselves.  Many of the mammography-detected cancers were in the early stages and, therefore, more treatable. The cancers detected by patients and doctors were often late stage. A different study, however, suggests that mammograms for older women may lead to “overtreatment.” The American Cancer Society recommends that women in good health continue to have mammograms regardless of age. But, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force argues there is not enough evidence to make a recommendation for women over 75. For now, women should speak to their doctors about their individual breast cancer risk and appropriate screening plans. Read more here

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