Researchers To Explore Psychological Benefits of Patient Education Prior to Genetic Testing

August 20, 2016

The ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group will add a quality-of-life research study to an existing trail studying the use of genetic testing in developing treatment plans for solid tumors or lymphomas. The existing trial, called NCI-MATCH, hopes to prove that identifying genetic abnormalities through genetic testing helps doctors develop better treatment plans that include targeted therapies to match the specific genetic abnormalities of the individual patient’s cancer. For the new study, called COMET, researchers will conduct surveys with patients enrolled in the NCI-MATCH trial to see if educating the patient about the limitations and benefits of genetic testing beforehand can reduce the patient’s stress and anxiety levels. The education will be provided though an online, self-guided program to a subset of NCI-MATCH trial participants. Read more here.

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